The Long Road to TEDxMonumento258

The TEDxMonumento project began as a collaboration between the organizers of TEDxSanDiego and TEDxTijuana in 2013. An in-depth discussion was held on April 4, 2013 in the University Club, downtown San Diego, with Jack Abbott, Mark Tomaszewicz and Mark Lovett from TEDxSanDiego, along with Ariosto Manrique and Heberto Peterson of TEDxTijuana.

The University-Club-Atop-Symphony-Towers

The basic idea was to conduct a cross-border TEDx event. Stages would be constructed on either side of the border and the program would consist of speakers alternating their talks – one on the U.S. side, followed by one on the Mexico side. A number of names were considered, but after the team met in Tijuana for a follow up discussion, Boundary Monument 258 became the main focus, with TEDxMonumento258 selected as the event title, along with the theme, Ideas Without Borders.

As often happens with such big projects – it’s hard enough to produce one TEDx event each year – the team ran out of bandwidth and the project was put on hold.  In 2015 the project was revived after a long talk with representatives of TED who were supportive of a cross-border TEDx event. Joining Mark, Ariosto & Heberto, Janelle Doll completed the organizing team and event planning ensued, with a target date of September 4, 2015.